Festival Viva México

Este es el proyecto para tener al festival Viva México en Noruega.

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Mexican Box

The Mexican box promotes the appreciation of handmade products and support Mexican artisans to promote their products in Northern Europe. We offer you  truly unique one of kind products, handmade, full of life and color, you will get a small piece of Mexico´s heart and will support small producers in Mexico to continue preserving and maintaining their traditional handmade artisan work.

We bring you traditional pieces and also pieces with mix of traditional and modern design that reflects the millenary heritage of a culture rich in colours and traditions and the infinity creativity of Mexican hands.

Most of the artisans we collaborate with have their small craft workshops in small towns or villages from different regions of Mexico, especially from Central Mexico. The magic produced by Mexican hands in textiles, metals, leather and other materials should be available to anybody that would like to own and enjoy a truly unique piece.

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Impulso a tecnología de neurociencias desarrollada en Japón

El capítulo Noruega apoya con tareas de transferencia technológica y emprendimiento a la tecnología de neurociencias desarrollada en Japón.

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Creación del nodo Puebla

Packo impulsó la creación del nodo Puebla

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Transferencia de tecnología waste management Noruega-México

Anayensin trabaja con tecnología waste management. Esto es un beneficio potencial para México y Noruega.

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Creation of the chapter 19/Jan/2016

This is the story about the day the chapter was created.



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